Tuesday, January 1, 2013

AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies Challenge

I am a self-proclaimed American and Foreign Film Enthusiast (Yes. I even put that on my college application because...well, it's true). I think that is pretty obvious because I have an entire blog dedicated to film and book reviews. But as much as I love movies, I feel that I don't appreciate the great classics of the past as much as I should. This is due, in large part, because I haven't seen many of them.

I want to sound educated when I talk about film--drawing comparisons to other works of great cinematography and acting. But watching old movies can be a bit intimidating. Not every old movie is a great--or even good--movie. Where to start? That was the question I asked myself. There are so many old movies out there and it quickly becomes hard to pick a starting point. So rather than just shoot an arrow into the dark, I decided to take the advice from others. I thought about using the Academy Awards as a spring board but quickly decided against it. The Academy Awards tend to be a biased towards films that deal with dramatic and dark subject manner. A comedy can be a great movie--one of the best--but it doesn't receive the same attention as an equally good drama. In this upcoming year, I wanted to watch a wide variety of films.

That is why I chose the AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies list (the original 1998 edition) as my own personal tour-guide through good film making of the last 100 or so years. And then I figured that if I wanted more, I could always continue on with the 100 Thrills or 100 Laughs list. I'm excited about this challenge. It's part of my New Year's Resolution. I will watch each film and then write a review on this blog by December 31 of 2013. Here is a link to the list--just in case you were curious. Wish me luck!

P.S. I sort of cheated a bit because I watched and posted a review for Guess Who's Coming to Dinner because it was required viewing for my history class. I hope you will not hold this against me. At the end of the challenge I plan to make my own list and re-rank all the films in the order according to which films I most enjoyed them. If you want to join me on this challenge write a comment below letting me know and include your blog (or vlog) link as well! My first "official" review will be up within the week.

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